weiterführende Informationen zur DORN-Methode

Meridians and the Dorn Method

meridianeMeridians are connecting lines between the acupuncture points. They were discovered in China over several millennia within the framework of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and supported with a background in the book of the “Yellow Emperor”, for example. Energy flows along these lines. The disruption of this energy flow can be the cause or symptom of an illness or ailments. Energy flow can be inhibited or strengthened and can work backwards or forwards. The ancient Chinese balanced these energy flows in various ways through stimulation or inhibition. Types of intervention are through needles, phytotherapy (herbal medicine), manual compression or stretching, moxibustion (the burning of powder on the skin), active physical exercises by the patient (e.g. Qi Gong), dietetics (nutrition) etc.

A part of the holistic nature of the Dorn Method is depicted in the influence of the meridians and their energy flows on the treatment of vertebrae and joints. The 12 main meridians, apart from two, are all named after organs. In his speech at the first Dorn Congress of 1997, Dieter Dorn already reported that there could be a link between the vertebrae and particular inner organs and their meridians in the application of the Dorn Method. When a medical professional uses the Dorn Method in their practice, they are often able to reproduce this connection.