weiterführende Informationen zur DORN-Methode

Dieter Dorn
and the development of the Dorn Method


The Dorn Method takes its name from Dieter Dorn (born August 13th, 1938, died January 19th, 2011). He lived in the Allgäu region of Bavaria, close to Memmingen, and ran a farm and sawmill, which he passed on to his son. In 1973 he was successfully treated for acute lower-back complaints by Vogtbauer Josef Müller, from a neighbouring village. The old farmer’s tricks aroused his curiosity, so Dorn began to feel his way and treat people from the memory of this personal experience. This was the beginning of the development or rediscovery of this centuries-old therapy. In Europe there is a tradition of passing on forms of treatment in different fields like the knowledge of herbs, osteopathy, massage etc. For centuries individuals had cared for the good health of the village community and family, for man and animal.

To begin with Dorn treated family and acquaintances; with time customers of his sawmill and neighbours were added until finally strangers, who had heard about his successes and now had complaints of their own, also came to him hoping for relief. He understood his work as guidance for self-treatment. In 1985 the orthopaedist Dr Thomas Hansen heard of the “lay healer Dorn”, sought treatment and subsequently fostered Dorn with books on anatomy and physiology, and organised seminars for interested persons.

The spread of Dorn’s therapy as a gentle form of treatment for back and joint complaints continues to this day. Today it is known worldwide and is of course most widespread in its place of origin, southern Germany. Ever more doctors, naturopaths, physiotherapists, ergo-therapists, occupational therapists, midwives and medical massage therapists use the Dorn Method in their practices.

A huge Thank You to Dieter Dorn for his life’s work goes out from his students. His incomparable sense of humour made for many an interesting and entertaining hour with him.